Is the fresh start program real?

In reality, it's a series of tax debt relief solutions offered by the agency.

The new IRS startup initiative helps taxpayers who owe taxes If you're worried that the IRS will garnish your salary, impose a lien on your home, or confiscate other assets, a Fresh Start IRS installment plan can help.

Tax experts have a skillful understanding of the requirements of the IRS Fresh Start program and will not be intimidated or deceived by the IRS into coming to an optimal resolution. The Fresh Start provisions give more taxpayers the ability to use simplified installment agreements to catch up with back taxes and also more time to pay. You might think that an IRS Fresh Start program that helps you get out of your tax debt sounds too good to be true.

Tax experts predict that the requirements of the IRS Fresh Start Program could remain flexible for a long time, but the IRS is unlikely to continue to relax its strict application requirements for an extended period of time. One disadvantage is that the IRS will continue to apply interest to your total debt, even if the amount you must pay each month changes according to the Fresh Start Program. Many people who owe back taxes to the IRS are still hearing about the IRS Fresh Start Initiative on the airwaves. If you try to apply for the IRS Fresh Start Initiative on your own, the IRS will try to get you to accept the terms that are most favorable to them.

If you have problems with back taxes and are concerned about being up to date (and keeping) up to date with your tax payments, you may qualify for assistance under an IRS initiative called Fresh Start. To meet the requirements of the IRS Fresh Start Initiative, you must be able to show that paying your tax balance would cause you significant financial difficulties. In addition, according to Canopy Tax, “the IRS Fresh Start programs allow the IRS to withdraw a lien if the taxpayer has signed an installment agreement with direct debit. While a compromise offer is the best option to reduce your tax debt through the Fresh Start Program, the requirements are stringent.

The IRS Fresh Start program offers tax debt options that make it easier and less onerous for individual and small business taxpayers to catch up with their back taxes. Currently, the non-collectible status allows taxpayers to find the Fresh Start tax relief in peace, without being prosecuted by the IRS.

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